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Ok so it feels like a million years ago that i last wrote, but i just consulted my diary and it's only been 3 weeks. (Apologies for the day by day account but i cannot remember a thing without consulting my diary so i'm going by that...)
Time is FLYING. So last i told you i had just got the job at OnePath for ANZ selling life insurance.. Absolutely loving it! i got a sale on the first day and you get a wine bottle when you get one, so i was happy. (very different to the door to door commission only job..) I work Tuesday to Saturday 10.30 til 8. Our commission (when you get a sale over $80) is given to us in Coles vouchers which isn't taxed so that's exciting too for our weekly shop which Lauren and I are getting very good at.
That thursday i was caught on the train by the (very scary) traffic police for buying a student ticket without any student ID. Very scary, but after alot of promsies to buy normal ones i luckily escaped the $200 fine which they love to dish out.. i'm now back to buying the full whack price but i invest in a weekly pass every week so that saves me a bit of money.
The tuesday after that i was up at the crack of dawn, trekking across sydney to the art school i was life modelling at for a couple of hours before work. After a lonnng walk and a very embarrassing tear in my dress i arrived at the studio to find out that i was just modelling for the artist Jean David on his own. HA. But it was all fine and very professional and his drawings were pretty good. So he gave me a break and went to buy coffee (something i've found sydneysiders love to do). Whilst he was gone a girl wandered in and asked me what i was doing. It soon turned out that she was booked in to model too and Jean David had double booked. He wasn't happy at the prospect of having to pay two models and it was all very awkward. He then came to the conclusion that he couldn't turn one of us away as he'd promised us work.. so we got into position (me and the girl) for an hour long pose. So funny and seemed a bit surreal but something i can add to my ever growing resume..
On Wednesday i had to back to the Door to door job offices to return the clothes that the Girl i worked with, Beth, had lent me. It was all very awkward and i felt like a right failure who couldn't hack the hard work. But it was fine and i found out that the office cat had died which was very sad.
Thursday was my last day at work as it was the easter long weekend, so after work i rushed back to catch the overnight bus to Surfers Paradise where i met Alex, who's been travelling the East Coast. It was so good to see him after the last time was in Thailand at the Full Moon Party. We spent the weekend on the beach, thank goodness the weather was awesome, and eating $5 fish and chippys. (i am getting very fat.) It was such a good weekend and Surfers Paradise was pretty crazy with all the easter goings on, lots of street entertainers and free ice tea stands. I got the bus back on tuesday morning, arriving back in Sydney at 1am with very swollen feet. (I am also turning into an old person.) Alex came down to Sydney too as his friends are here but he couldn't book on the same bus as me so his bus was like 5 hours behind mine. Loving having him here with me for a week until he flies to San Francisco on Friday!
On Friday i was picked up from work by Paul Rathbone, Gaby's family friend, who we stayed with when we first arrived here. It was so nice to see the Rathbones and i was babysitting that night whilst Paul and Sarah went out. I was SO excited for the royal wedding, and got a bit emotional! Kids didn't want to watch it at first but they were LOVING it by the end, shouting 'kiss kiss kiss' at the tv in anticipation! I got to skype my parents too which was so nice as it had been a while, although Pook didn't make an appearance :(
On saturday Alex and I went to the NSW Art Gallery which was HUGE and free to get in.. then we went to the State Library too and i've got myself a library card which i'm very excited about. We went to the free fireworks at Darling Harbour that evening (on every saturday) and they were amazing! Not quite on the level of the Singapore Universal Studios, but pretty good. We went out that night too with everyone from flat 61 and Lauren and Alex's friends and it was such a good night! Despite missing out on going to The Ivy because we got there too late.
Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Toronga Zoo! It really was cool, the bird and seal shows were awesome and the Ferry trip and everything was just amazing and the weather held up too! Despite us being very tired from such a late night. But i got a good night sleep last night and i was up early this morning cleaning the kitchen as our drug dealer landlord went mental about the state of the flat and said he was going to fine us today. But the kitchen was immaculate by 9am and the boys better have sorted the living room out or else i'll have to kill them.
Alex's doing the bridge climb today and i'm very jealous! I have created a list of things that i want to do before i leave Sydney and i WILL do them. Skydiving the harbour is #1
Lots of love from Australia! Hope i remembered everything!!

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Hi Blin....This is Gaby's great aunt! Think about a night visit to Toronga Zoo.....v.v.vgood. Bridge walk really good although beware they breathalize you before you are allowed!!! Am compiling a file of your travels...while G. is in Fiji and out of touch yours are printed on yellow paper for prosperitiy!!! Loving hearing all the news.....Sydney is possibly my most favourite city in the world. All the best....Trish. If you see Paul again, give him my love....if he has forgotten me I am Sues sister.

by Trish Lilly

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