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The Parting of Ways.

The end to a fabulous 10 weeks away.

semi-overcast 19 °C

Going our separate ways turned out to be okay, kept it short to avoid and tears, (I was asleep in bed as Blin departed to drop her bag at the hostel we had found her then to start get first day at work) We planned to see each other again before I left Sydney. We also decided it's best to keep using the same blog and we will drop in our various updates, mine from Fiji where apparently there is NO Internet and Blin's from Australia! :-)

My last few days in Sydney where not on the beach however due to poor weather, instead I...

Tuesday whilst walking across the Harbour I bumped into Jack Kilpatrick by accident (a boy from school for those who don't know) so spent the afternoon with him and a friend, saw the bats in the botanical gardens etc, nice to see a familiar face actually after so long of only meeting new people. I then went to the Aquarium, a good idea at the time, likewise was standing in the great White shark simulator, forgetting that the next ten weeks of my life are going to be spent under water with such animals. I get clostriphobic in the shark and tunnels, and the very thought of the fish being able to touch me makes me feel sick. Hopefully this will be cured in Fiji :-/ otherwise the trip may be cut short. Next was the wildlife centre next door in Darling Harbour which brought about my first sighting of a Kuala! I did refrain from paying to stroke it and have my photo taken with it however. Took a ferry home across the harbour which was exciting until I got off... My new earing's back decided to fall off outside the bus, so bus driver and to granny's all start aid me in looking. I got very dodgy looks when I have to explain it looks like a small silver spike, not your usual butterfly back. The granny's quickly give up looking and the bus driver, drives off.?! You'll be pleased to know that  the earing has returned to me ear, infection and all. Stupid skin disease. Antibiotics do wonders though, my arms, face etc are all healing well but looks like I may be left with some scars :-( 

7am wake up call on wednesday for skype to ensure nobody forgets me whist I am away, followed by watching Ben in his school display. Rapping to Eminem which was really entertaining and all were really good. County Upper needs to learn something about what standard of computer they should be providing us with from this school. Apple macs in bulk covered the school! Then to Manly beach for a bit before talking a walk around the northern head which has amazing views over the entrance to Sydney Harbour, it I huge, viewing the sea for miles knowing that Fiji was the next bit of lnd before America to my North East yet again made me feel slightly sick. My flight there is 4.5 hours so I really will be in the middle of no where. Lunch in Balmoral and then to complete my Zoo trips a trip to Toronga, with it's cable car Safari! 2nd place to Singapore Zoo though, Samui is still in last place, not a place I wish to ever visit again.  That evening Ben, Pheobe and I decided to go swimming in the pool, Paul finds it highly entertaining to find us all out there in our wet suits, shivering and it pouring with rain!!!! My last day in Sydney obviously involved more shopping after many failed attempts at trying to pack my new suitcase. My supernoodles are becoming quite a pain but are likewise the most important thing! I had to pay £40 extra for my overweight luggage on my flight to Melbourne which was a bummer. 
Blin came over for a dinner and sleepover before I left which was lovely and I wish her all the best conquering all the job ideas she has for the next 10 weeks! 

Arriving in Melbourne my new love of public transport. Not. Manages to get me a bus that takes me to any destination I like, I then have to drag my bag up two flights of stairs to my hostels reception, too lads appear inconveniently as I have reached the top, just a little bit late to help me, the damsel in distress trying to carry a suitcase that actually weighs over half my body weight. Hostel is nice though and I am in room of 6 girls who all seem to be living there more perminantly. They also all have massive suitcases which makes me feel slightly better about the size of mine, they don't have the excuse of scuba gear however. Lol. Spent all day on the beach here in St Kilda, managing to fall asleep for 3 hours with everything of any value, ie passport just sitting in my bag next to me, free for anyone to take... Not yet mastered the security of my passport and I no longer have Blin to retrieve it for me when I leave it on the floors of airports and such places. My phone however never leaves my side, which is stupid seeing as it doesnt even work properly and nobody messages me  anyway. :-( Haha. 

Yesterday I ventured in too Melbourne for shopping, tram system was something new to experience. Australia seems to be slightly backward in regards to it's public services actually. Sydney only had buses and Melbourne only has trams. This was followed by a night out in Melbourne with everyone from the Hostel, they've all been living here for ages so know each other which made it a bit weird. Fun all the same, especially as the Chinese girls in my room decided to buy loads of drinks before and let me share but didn't want any money. They were a bit weird but I wasn't going to say no to free alcohol. Today the weather is minging, sunny then rainy so I am just passing the time socialising until it's time to depart for the airport and head on to Fiji to be eaten by sharks and what not!!! Actually fell asleep for the best part of today in a girl called Leane's bed as she was out promoting 'Neighbours', I have managed to go from not being able to sleep to not being able to stay awake which is a pain. :-( 

Love from a very cold and wet Melbourne. 

Gaby xxxx 

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