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My phone starts ringing at 6.20, apparently our mini bus is early, we are no where to be seen and he is leaving without us. Anyway that is what I deciphered from the Thai being shouted at me! It all turns out fine and we are quickly branded with stickers yet again in Thai, and after a tour of the island we make it to the ferry which takes us to the mainland. I sleep the entire way and Blin is curled up in a ball on the floor, tiredness is already setting in. The thought of arriving in KL at 6pm is comforting however... After our ferry we board a coach and then suddenly it pulls up in the side of a motorway after about an hour and we are told to get off leaving everyone else to continue their journey. A small pick up truck is waiting for us, throwing our bags in we head off, finding ourselves dumped in a Cafe in the middle of a housing estate where we have to wait for 1 hour! Eventually another mini bus arrives and we cram in, the only seats left are the one with the luggage on! Our journey is understandably very uncomfortable made worse by the reckless driving, we see death flash before us many times! Yet again after about 2 hours we find ourselves being thrown out on the street. This time into a travel agents that is apparently about an hour away from the Malaysian border. We get told to return 3 hours later, it is then we realise that the promised arrival time of 6pm is not happening as we don't depart here till 7! Absolutely sickening but made better by McDonalds, Luxury ice cream and Mr Doghnuts with the company of a young English couple called Jo and Sarah who are also travelling. Their medical kit came in handy when I realised that my arm has swollen up and has some sort of pustules on it, potentially a reaction to spider bites we think! We choose to cart lots of medicine out here but leave it in our big rucksacks where it is of no use. :-( idiots. We are all in a state of excitement when we board the bus, the massive comfy chairs that recline to flat position seem beautiful, as do the cushions, blankets and water we are provided with. All goes swimmingly till we reach the border when Jo realises there is a cockroach running across the arm of his chair. Not thinking to much of it as he killed it we hop off the bus and sort our departure cards. Returning to the bus Sarah discovers a cockroach in her yoghurt pot so we all start to get a bit panicky. We quickly forget the cockroach saga as we are required to have all our bags searched at customs on entering Malaysia. This proves a very long and tiresome experience. We however avoid any searching as the security officers seem more occupied by listing english footbal teams to us and telling 'Belinda Corrie' that she is beautiful. :-) We set of on our journey again and all is lovely. Upon stopping for dinner we decided on the grounds we have no money to remain on the bus with another English boy James, we cause quite a stir when suddenly we are both standing on top of the seat backs screaming, upon realising that about 25 cockroaches are swarming over the window/chair/bus wall, needless to say we do not sleep well for the rest of our overnight bus journey to the big KL! Haha. 

Upon arrival, yet again we are thrown out on the street, failing to be told where we are, not best pleased in our tired state. Our tourguide friend James we made on the bus appears to know where he is going so we follow along with Jo and Sarah. Whilst Blin and I enquire about rooms at a hostel all hell breaks lose out on the street between our friends and a Malaysian. Bearing in mind it is about 4 in the morning and we all want to find somewhere to stay quickly. Turns out that James politely refused an offer to go to a gay bar, and too stay at this mans hotel/hostel/house. The Malaysian was throwing punches and shouting the odds midst doing laps of the street on his scooter as we were trying to all walk calmly away from the raving lunatic. The couple make a dash for safety into a hotel where there security quickly pops up, and we are beckoned off the street by an Australian also in this hotel. All very much of a palava, Blin is near to tears and we are both dead with tiredness. We decide to stay in the same place as James as he has been before and recommended it. Our room reminds me of a prison cell but it's all clean and nice, the staff are friendly and there is free wifi. What more could you ask for?!?! We are also now very good at scouring rooms for any evidence of cockroaches! 

After 5 hours of intermittent sleep Blin leaps out of bed, boobs flying free to go and pay the receptionist as we will be charged after 12. Not knowing a thing about KL we emerge with a map go discover we staying in china town next to the famous Market! Very very exciting! Taking a walk we find ourselves at the central  Market perusing the shops, earings are on the agenda, blind ears have been empty since England and my lesbian hoop needs to change. Here we bump into James who suggests a climb up one of the worlds tallest tours, so off we trundle!! 

Emerging from the under ground station we see the building straight ahead, an hour later we make it too the door after me, not feeling great, manage to lead us in the wrong direction :-/ not really sure how this was possible, we then opt to not use the free shuttle bus up the hill... Dripping with sweat we arrive at the ticket counter receiving many dodgy looks! Haha.   The view from the top is pretty sweet, and we can see the worlds tallest twin towers 'The Petronas Towers' without Queuing for hours to maybe not even be allowed up them! Upon reading our ticket we discover we also get a free pony ride, F1 simulator turn and zoo admission so down in the lift we go. After 15 mins of spinning around in circles on a race track (wish I had listened more when being taught how to play 'Gran Tourismo'?!?!?!?!) we think a pony ride may be more exciting... How very wrong, the dying moulding animal traipsed around the ticket counter for aprox 20 seconds with us on it's back. (picture of Blin is on Facebook to give you some idea of the hilarity of this venture but also very sad) :-( Next the three of us wonder into the zoo and there is mention of an elephant. No elephant but a 15 chicken a day eating snake, they wouldn't let us feed it however, we though this would have made great use of the eBay video camera! The Zoo was actually rather good, seeing some very entertaining animals like the two headed tortoise, chinchilla, monkey fight, chickens, rabbits, and odd chameleon type thing. Very very very exotic. O yeah and there was a very hungry looking snake that was making a great effort to escape from it's unlocked cage, we were the only ones to find this an issue however :-/ 

That evening was the start of refilling our newly emptied bags at the famous market. We are now the proud owners of:

  • 1x Chanel handbag
  • 1x Prada handbag
  • 1x Chloe handbag
  • 1x Anna Sui purse
  • 1x pearl earrings
  • 2x chandelier earrings 
  • 40x fake eyelashes
  • 1x Chanel watch
  • 1x Mac mascara
  • 1x t-shirt 
  • 1x torch 

As you can imagine we collapsed into bed yet again having to wake up before 12. This time we were however woken by the shout of 'get out' by the cleaner who obviously did not appreciate the fact we still had 3 minutes left in our room in which to pack our bags and return the phone charger to James as Blin did not think this was a necessary item to bring with, but the phone was... 

Breakfast on the rooftop was again entertaining. I opted for the full English whereas Blin went for an empty bowl and glass of milk. James, the waitress and myself where slightly perturbed by this. All became clear when she whipped out the dregs of her museli she has been eating for the past week whilst we were at the house! Lol! The day then consisted of more shopping, a trip to mcDonalds then the Reggae bar, then more shopping. All in all very successful, never managed to get a mulberry purse however. :-( 

Currently writing this from the air Asia bus which is taking us to the airport for our spur of the moment flights to Singapore. We couldn't handle another cockroach infested coach journey. This was all after managing to navigate the metro station with our rucksacks, handbags (we've laterd the mini rucksacks feeling we need to look more normal as we head back to civilisation) and fake eyelashes on. We shall be topping up our tans at a sun bed later! 

Another funny story we missed is whilst heading to the metro station a man stopped his scooter to say goodbye to us, so turns out it is the man from the fight when we arrived so we get slightly panicky. Especially as everything of value to us is swinging free from our arms in our new purchases! Scary stuff. The hostel we emailed about staying at this evening them emailed us to say they had given our beds away after Blin wrote a sob story about two girls turning up late at night, scared and tired lost in a big city. They obviously didn't care that much. :-( 

Anyways, much love, we'll keep you updated on Singapore (currently chewing my last bit of gum for the weekend in preparation.)


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