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Full Moon Party Weekend


semi-overcast 32 °C

So basically the best weekend of our lives...

Day 1: to Koh Phangan
Departing at 8.30 we start the hour walk to Big Buddha pier with only our small rucksacks, so it's relatively pain free and we arrive in plenty of time for the 10.30 ferry. Blin is already starting to feel queasy at the thought of another boat. As 10.30 approaches we start to realise the scale of the weekend we are about have. The pier is packed out, taxi drivers are blaring the drum and bass across the car park, all in all it appears as though the party has already started and it's only thursday. Boarding the boat, we get squished in between many very tanned girls who seem to be comparing stories of whose had the most dramatic hospital experience since they've been travelling. This keeps me preoccupied whilst Blin focuses on the horizon, successfully managing to keep chunder at bay. Quickly finding David the Dancing Elephants hostel, we are awarded the prize do the smallest rucksacks he has ever seen before being shown to our bamboo bunk-beds (the ladder collapsed every time we climbed up)! All three of us then take up residence on an empty lower bunk in the dorm for the start of a 45 minute briefing that we later found out everyone else had managed to avoid. The outcome of our briefing was a map with all the best places to buy drugs circled on it, but with a warning that it shall be very expensive for us and time consuming for David if we get put in prison. We also have a list of places we get discount in Hadrin, it appears David has his fingers in all the pies, not to mention his two Thai wives, one with a baby and the other pregnant. Deciding to get some food and explore out new surroundings we venture outdoors . Turning the corner we happen to stumble across the 'Bury Lads' so it's lunch with Alex, Ollie, Jonny and Zac who are staying in the  neighbouring guesthouse and the rain sets in. :-( That evening we head to the beach for party time but the rain puts a slight dampener on this so we only stay out till 2.30. I manage to acquire some sort off lesbianesque hoop in my ear with spikes at the ends... a good night we could say! 

Day 2: The Pool Party
Awaking at lunch we head out in search of breakfast. We happen to find a restaurant with the moodiest staff imaginable, and after much hassle get some food ordered... My bacon and eggs arrives in the form of ham and eggs despite us having watched the bacon being cooked, (we have learnt not to question anything however). It starts to rain yet again so we start shopping purchasing a neon crop top for the full moon party and other such oddities before heading back to the dorm. Ring of fire starts at 9 and we are drinking rum and coke as it was the cheapest thing we could find and all seems to be going swimmingly. We made good friends with two girls, Kristie and Lydia from Oxford too. At midnight it is decided that the famous pool party at coral bungalows (it happens every night) is on the agenda so David and his wives flag down a free Tuk Tuk for us and all 25 of us pile in and on top, getting the body paint out for the journey so on arrival we are frankly glowing. This doesn't last long however as it's a 'pool party' . After obtaining some buckets of alcohol we make our way to a raft out at sea choosing to have our own rave for a while. The moulding wood is quite the happening place, we are shortly joined by some Swedish boys and my foot manages to go straight through the wooden boards so we  think it may be better to return to the actual pool party... After 3 hours of swimming, being thrown into the pool, falling into the pool and so forth Kristie, Lydia and myself decide to head to the beach whereas Blin stays at the pool with the boys. It appears my flip flops have gone missing at this point, but owell, I can't be bothered to look for them so we head off. The thought of paying for a taxi does not appeal to us so some poor people had hired a jeep got landed with the three of us clinging onto the open window demanding to be taking to the beach! They do so it's all good, being stopped by the police we get a bit worried so stop singing as loud but quickly start again as they wave us on laughing. Every dog on Koh Phangan has now been serenaded with our rendition of 'B I N G O'. We party on at the beach till 5.30 taking part in the fire limbo competition, (I have the burns to show for it) and just general beach partying behaviour before stopping of at Mr K's for 'cheesy chips, pad thai and nachos'. Mr K does not have any savlon but brings us bags of ice for our burns and puts some tiger balm on the table for us. Probably the best night out of both out lives, I don't think any party could ever compare actually. 

Day 3: The Full Moon Party
So when I wake up (just after lunch) the pain of moving my leg is beyond imaginable, a very very sore knee cap, throbbing toe and sore head brings back memories of how many times I hit the bottom of the pool when people jumped in with me, Blin is being sick downstairs whilst I am inspecting my injuries which yet again proves to us what a good night we had! Limping out for breakfast/lunch with our friends we tuck into hangover food before returning straight back to bed to ensure we are in our prime for the legendary FULL MOON PARTY! Stocking up on sugary snacks and devouring an entire packet of pro plus we go out to get more neon clothes and lots of paint, and so the preparations commence. Blin could win the contest for most amount of skin covered in paint, she even managed to whiten her teeth with it, ignoring David's warning not to put it near our mouths. How else would you achieve a splattered effect though?! As midnight comes close the company departs and we emerge on sunrise beach amongst the 30'000 others who are already partying with no intention of stopping until the sun has risen. I have never seen anything like it, basically a large beach with not an inch of sand free, bars running all the way down the side selling buckets of alcohol, and speakers filling every available gap, I wouldn't be surprised if you could hear it back on Koh Samui. The centre of the beach has hundreds of dance podiums, there are hundreds if stalls selling neon tattoo type things, so we obviously stand by the neon lights to inspect out own handy work. (lots of people kept asking which stall had done it for us!) Whilst dancing on a podium we spot the water slide with fire down the sides of it so we are off climbing the rope ladder up to it for hours. The landing onto the beach was rather painful after a while however! Still dancing the night away, the fire limbo was obviously another must as was tactically chundering into the sea at 2.45! We suddenly spot one of David's many enterprises '7 Burgers' so stop off for cheesy chips, he is there in his apron, wives chained to the cookers in the back of the shop. It all gets very entertaining however when a fight breaks out. David lifts his wives to safety, then goes back to break it up, they follow behind holding on to him fearing for his safety, rather cute but you can see why we found it amusing... (David is French). Going back to the hostel to make use of the free toilets we hitch hike across a massive puddle that has formed, in the road. When I say hitch hiked I mean we leapt onto the back of a passing vehicle and threw ourselves off it when we were clear of the water! Opting for a short nap on the floor of hostel, only myself and Lydia return to the party, Blin is still down there seeing in the morning. As dawn approaches, people start to flag, and the amount of people passed out on the floor is amazing. I again opt for a short nap to make sure I am still awake for sunrise. Nobody fret, there are people that check everyone is ok, and I am still alive. As 7 approaches it's back on the fire slide to celebrate and then eventually we wonder back to the hostel and don't get up till 6pm. (maybe YouTube the Full Moon party to understand how many people are there and how insane it is, I don't think this description does it justice.

Day 4: recovery 
Not waking till 6 obviously cut the days activities short, but hangover food was definitely on the agenda and then back to bed. However as midnight approached Lydia and Myself left the rest of the group to sleep feeling more partying was in order, we didn't want to miss out!! Returning at 3 we pick up Kristie and it's time for breakfast at Mr K's and we eventually go to bed at 5.30, after serenading the dogs of Hadrin, Koh Phanagan again. Lol. 

Day 5: Good Bye Koh Phangan
Getting up at 10 we head straight back to the ferry after an emotional goodbye to our new found friends. :-( Not fancying the walk back to the house we get a taxi and collapse in bed after packing out bags and selecting lots of things for the Baxter's to return home for us, (thank you so much Ruth, Paul, Megan and Sophie!) Our rucksacks now considerably lighter, mine actually shuts for the first time since leaving England, we dread the 6am wake up call for our bus to Malaysia.

Lots of love and hope your all glad that we are still alive after a crazy long weekend! 

Gaby xxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S: Start saving for next years summer holiday please girls and boys. :-) 

P.P.S: our 12 hour bus journey too KL is actually over 24. It's yet again pouring with rain, we have a 3 hour wait in a random city near the border and feel like death. So not really going as well as the weekend did. :-( 

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OMG ! I am even more jealous now. Tell me, were there any other sad over 40's at the Full Moon ? I remember we used to laugh at them ..... but very could be one of them now !!!!!!

Also, made me laugh - it sounds like you spent time at the Kota Buru (not correct spelling !) Bus Station on the border on your way to KL. Think yourself lucky - when we did that trip our connection meant we spent 10 hours waiting - with no money for food or drink, we were hallucinating by the time we got on the bus. Aaaah. Happy Days !

Keep having fun and if you get down to Bali, avoid Kuta Beach. Not pleasant 15 years ago, will be worse now !


by Louise Gooden

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